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Parking Ticket Game Arcade

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How much will the ticket and tow
cost you? 

          $100, $300, $500, MORE?
What can you do about it?


Parking Tickets & Towing NOW! 

Ticket Trap

Is a serious five level question and answer game to help you practice with many types of often confusing parking regulations.

Matching Signs

Match these signs and train your eye to see the little details on parking signs!

Snow Emergency

Play this fun game and read some of the hints for avoiding Snow Emergency parking tickets!

Parking Ticket Fight

Throw your money bags here on this game and not in real life to raise your awareness of the dangers of on-street parking!

Take Control!

Play Parking Ticket Game Arcade!

Games that train you to help END parking tickets, booting, and towing.

Parking Ticket Game Arcade is...
For Every Driver Everywhere!

Parking Ticket Terminator - On Street Now App for iPhone®
is about community and making a difference.

The Parking Ticket Terminator app is jam packed with features and tools  to help you know, understand, follow and remember the parking regulations that exist in your driving area(s). Parking Ticket Terminator is a way to organize, manage, research and share parking regulation data with family, friends, neighbors and anyone you want to see avoid making a parking mistake or forgetting to return to or move their vehicle.

Parking fines, booting and towing fees have skyrocketed.
Parking Ticket Terminator - On Street Now App is currently FREE!
Please give it a try and let everyone know about the app and your experience....including us!
We are working out the rough edges of this first version and have many new exciting features and updates planned!

Parking tickets are a huge problem that face drivers throughout their entire time of operating vehicles in cities. New drivers should be aware when taking their drivers license test at the DMV that there are tow trucks waiting for them to make their first mistake that can get their vehicle towed in less than a minute. While most parking tickets will not affect a driver licence, some can such as parking in handicapped spaces. Protect your drivers license and end parking tickets, booting, car clamping and towing by playing Parking Ticket Game Arcade! This site is dedicated to drivers everywhere.
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